With over 15 years of food blogging experience with our first blog LaughingSpatula, we’ve developed The Giggling Fork to continue bringing new recipes, with a modern twist to our readers. We love to craft recipes for new and experienced home chefs all over the world.

About Giggling Fork

About Kathi & Rachel: We feel so fortunate to not only work together, but be best friends as well as mom and daughter! We’re originally from Seattle, and relocated to the Palm Springs area of Southern California in 2019. We’ve been in the kitchen together for all of Rachel’s life, and Kathi has been a home chef long before then, first honing her skills in her families small restaurant in the Seattle suburbs. Kathi has been married to Rachel’s dad Marty for over 40 years, and they live the good retired life, playing golf, enjoying martinis, and watching sunsets on their patio. Rachel has been married to her husband Greg for 9+ years, and together they share their son Benny (4). We love Southern California and all of the fun experiences and food it has to offer. There is so much to explore!

We keep our development process simple; we make delicious food, using (mostly) whole ingredients, and our recipes are made in about 30 minutes or less.

Popular Recipes

We always have an empty seat at our kitchen table for you! So pull up a chair and enjoy what we’re cooking, these recipes are made just for you.

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small clear bowl full of orzo pasta salad

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